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Ask Fun Bobby


Having trouble making that decision?

When making decisions requires a little help... Ask Fun Bobby!


Too many decisions? Can't decide what to wear? Wondering what to do next?

Fun Bobby simplifies your life by helping you make those difficult or overwhelming decisions.


Fun Bobby is also great for those times when you wish to spice up your life: add a random factor to it by letting Fun Bobby decide what to do next!


You could use use this app to simply decide what to do for the evening, from cleaning the house to snuggling or simply watching TV. You could also use it to decide where to vacation next, or just whether to walk, bike, or cab to work. If you're really adventurous you could add some very out of the ordinary options - for example, when deciding where to go out for dinner, perhaps "Venice" could be on the list! You decide the details and then simply roll the dice.


The problem with many other ways of decision making is that you never get a straight answer, but when you Ask Fun Bobby, you get that straight answer!


Can't decide whether to install this app? Sounds like you really need Fun Bobby's help! Install it right away, and then Ask Fun Bobby to help you through all the rest of your decisions!

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