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Compliment Her


We all LOVE to receive compliments. It’s especially wonderful when they come from the people closest to us. We feel loved and appreciated.


Life gets busy and we sometimes forget to give that little reminder to our sweetheart about what they mean to you. Or we think it in the moment but it doesn’t actually come out. This is why we built this app. Even if some of the compliments you pass along aren’t ones you thought of yourself, it’s the thought + action that counts! Let that special someone in your life know on a regular basis that they mean the world to you, that life wouldn’t be the same without them or to just tell them they look cute today!


This app reminds you to send compliments regularly, and it even supplies you with a set of suitable compliments to use! You can add your own and they can be sent via text or email. Make that special someone in your world feel amazing and watch how good it makes you feel too!

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