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My Tax Receipts


My Tax Receipts helps you track your expense receipts.


It is useful for keeping track of personal receipts as well as business receipts to be used for income tax purposes (always consult a professional accountant).


With each recorded receipt you can store a picture of the receipt - this can save time when later checking or auditing your records.


This app also allows you to separately calculate and track a specific tax - in Canada, for example, this is useful for claiming back taxes such as HST and GST.


A convenient summary of your receipts helps you stay on top of your expenses.


When it is time to provide the expense list to your accountant, simply Export the expenses for the correct date range and the app provides a .csv file that can easily be emailed and then imported to your favourite spreadsheet application on your personal computer. Using iTunes you can also copy the exported spreadsheet, along with all the pictures, to your personal computer.


The "Company" column can be used either to record where you purchased the item, OR you can use it to track expenses for several companies, or for different personal categories (for example, "Camping Trip", "His", "Hers"...)


Your data is completely private to you - we do not store any of it on any server.

Please remember to back up your device regularly!

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