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Simplex Data Guard


*Please Note*: This application is designed specifically for Simplex Mobility customers.


Simplex Data-Guard is intended to help our customers contact our mobility help desk easier and help to control their company cell phone costs.


Support Requests

Too busy to give us a call? No problem! You can log a support request right from Simplex Data-Guard. Having coverage issues? Or just want to give us the heads up of your upcoming vacation; you can do it all right from this app.


Request New and Replacement Hardware

Simplex Data-Guard gives you the ability to request a device right from your iPhone. Need to request an iPhone for an new employee? With Simplex Data-Guard it’s easy to do, just select the device type and input the user’s information. Your companies accounting codes and shipping locations are all populated to make the process easy.


Worry Free Traveling

Did you forget to request a roaming package before leaving? No need to worry, we have you covered. Once you’ve crossed the border Simplex Data-Guard will alert our help desk team and we’ll call you to make sure you are taken care of.

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